Restorative Practice

Restorative Practices is an effective, trauma-informed approach that helps schools improve relationships and support skill development for students coping with adversity, managing emotion, and being accountable. Six Rivers DRC provides a Whole-School approach Restorative Practices model that is employed throughout a school to address issues between students, staff, and families.

Restorative Practices in schools help:

  • build connections to change behaviors and repair relationships;
  • provide targeted behavioral health supports to reduce risks for youth disruptive behavior, suspensions, expulsions, and substance use;  
  • improve mental health and well-being, including stress-management, interpersonal skills, and adaptability;
  • decrease tardiness, office visits, absences, and suspensions.

Restorative Practices helps students, staff, and families build a strong community at school through healthy relationships and processes for resolving conflict, and it gives students the skills to better cope with adversity and help ensure equity within our communities.



Individual meetings with parties, coaching staff $50 / hour
Mediation session for 2 – 3 parties $75 / hour
Mediation session for 4 or more parties $125 / hour
Staff training in Restorative Practices (package rates available) $150 / hour for 3 hours or package rate for multiple

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

 ~ Albert Einstein

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