Guiding people to peaceful resolutions.

Our hearts go out to all who are affected by the ongoing tragedies in both Israel and Gaza

We provide affordable conflict resolution services through mediation and restorative justice

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Six Rivers Commitment to Justice

We embrace conflict for what it is; intense energy focused on something that needs to change. As mediators, we are neutral on the solution but not neutral on human values. Six Rivers stands with those rising for equity and equality. As a society we have systems in conflict and therefore, in need of change. Entire races of people are excluded from decision-making.

Six Rivers operates on the grassroots side of peacemaking every day, all day. We accomplish this by providing forums for dialogue and deliberation, for personal and interpersonal self-determination. Yet we know that the interpersonal is only one aspect of making change come to reality. We value and support organizations doing more systemic work. We, as a society, must do more.  Six Rivers commits to the following:

Representation: We will expand our Board of Directors to include more members and more voices from the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

Education: We will deliver opportunities for dialogue and discovery in the topics of culture and oppression.

Restorative Justice: We will expand options for local schools and organizations to build internal discipline, responsibility, and empowerment with collaborative restorative practices.

Community integration: We will prioritize anti-racism projects and integrate with existing programs. We cannot accomplish this alone. We honor our community by sharing our tools and training volunteers. We empower neighbors and friends to become peacemakers.

Honoring our Founding Director

Six Rivers would not exist without our Founding Director, Marti Dane, who stepped away in 2021. Read her parting message here.