We Serve OR & WA

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center has been serving the Gorge for over 20 years, and we are celebrating 10 years as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Situated at the confluence of the Hood River and the Columbia River in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, we serve both Oregon and Washington State. Our local reach is across 7 counties: Gilliam (OR), Hood River (OR), Sherman, Wheeler (OR), Wasco (OR), Klickitat (WA) and Skamania (WA). We also serve the state of Oregon for agricultural disputes through the USDA Certified Agricultural Mediation Program.

Our Mission and Vision

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center is celebrating our anniversary by recommitting ourselves to the vision and mission of the organization.

Cheers To Our Founder, Marti Dane!

Marti Kantola Dane founded Six Rivers in 2001 and continues to serve as a trusted advisor and a lead trainer at our bi-annual Basic Mediation Training. Marti’s creativity, passion for peace, and dedication to mentoring mediators has changed countless lives. After 20 years of service, Marti retired in 2021. Our staff, board and volunteers strive to honor Marti’s legacy by serving with integrity and dedication, knowing that during these conflict-ridden times, we’re not only a resource available to people of the Gorge, but also to Oregon’s farm and ranch families.

Cheers To Our Leader Since 2021, Andrea Pacheco!

Our current Director, Andrea Pacheco, is inspired by the capacity and expertise of her team. The focus of her work is to support the solid foundation the team has embraced in the growth mindset and self-care that is a crucial component for achieving Six Rivers’ mission. 

Andrea’s ability to lead with long-term vision while driving meaningful change has set Six Rivers apart among community mediation centers across the Northwest. Andrea’s work includes legislative advocacy for increased funding to rural communities and setting strategic initiatives for operational excellence.. 

Andrea is collaboratively-minded and resourceful with a focus on creating growth and developing people through shared vision and teamwork. For these reasons and more, Six Rivers embarks on a new year with strength in partnerships, its team, and its Board of Directors, providing a much-needed healing service to a community facing all various cataclysmic divisive pressures from many parts of our society.

Cheers To Our Staff, Board Members, Contractors & Volunteers!

Our team is made up of dedicated board members, staff, and volunteers who work together to provide affordable conflict resolution services to a community who needs us more than ever.

Many Thanks to our staff, board members, contractors and volunteers: 

Alex Tillson, April Donovan, Aron Klein, Andy Oliver, Angela Michalek, Becci Crane, Benjamin Noble, Betsy Hege, Bill Lennox, Bim Lloyd, Briana Barocas, Britta Willson, Carrie Rasmussen, Carolyn Smale, Catherine Walsh, Cathi Rickett, Charlieann Herkshan, Christy Deere, Colleen Regalbuto, Dale Connell, Dick Withers, Donna Silverberg, Danielle DeCant, Danielle Strome, Dave Poucher, Debra Pennington-Davis, Dick Withers, Ed Guzman, Elaine Castles, Emily Stranz, Erika Almskaar, Erion Moore II, Gary Casady, Gary Linkous, Hasaani M. Hylton, James Barber, Jenny Vasquez, Joanna Turner, Jody Behr, JoElla Anglin, John Link, Joyce Ebbert, Karen Shultz, Keegan Cary, Kenji Stasiewicz, Kristina Ensbury, Krystal McLeod, Kyra Bronfman, Laurie Macdonald, Lisa Evans, Laurie Barnes, Lisa Naas Cook, Lorena Lowell, Lori Loranger, Martha Alicia Wilson Ramirez, Marti Dane, Matthew Curry, Matthew Ellis, Michael Reid, Molly Rogers, Morgan Moore, Nancy Pionk, Nik Portela, Nicolia Mehrling, Ona Lawrence, Pam Tindall, Patrick Ward, Rachel Haig, Rei Shimizu, Roberta Grant, Robin Bodhi, Rosie Strange, Ruth Berkowitz, Sahar Ebrahimi, Sarah Brenner, Sarah Seiler, Sean Pank, Shauna Leonard, Shirley DeArmond, Sunday Sutton, Temira Lital, Teunis Wyers, Tristen Edwards, and countless more who have contributed to our organization in the two decades past to make it what it is today!

What’s New With Six Rivers?

After a year of working together with community and system partners, with guidance from New York University’s Center on Violence and Recovery, we planned and designed a pre-charge restorative justice program that meets the needs of our communities. In Fall 2023, we launched a series of survivor support circles to promote healing and build social support for survivors of harm. The Circles of Peace restorative justice program is beginning to take pilot cases from referral partners at the start of 2024.

Six Rivers 2024 and Beyond

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