Local, one-on-one peace-making.

by William Lennox

My name is Bill Lennox, Board Member with Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center since 2004. My Quaker background, past experience in law enforcement and time spent as a United Nations peacekeeper, brought me to the importance of teaching and modeling conflict resolution skills within our greater community.

Established in 2002, Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center has offered mediation services and mediator training both locally in the Columbia River Gorge and within the states of Oregon and Washington.

Bringing awareness to alternative solutions to resolving conflicts between individuals, groups and communities is critical in building long-term peaceful solutions. Six Rivers offers the opportunity to teach peace and model alternative solutions in resolving conflicts. 

As a criminal investigator interviewing suspects and victims, I learned the importance of each party understanding the reason behind their particular incident. More often through empathetic listening, the suspect would open up about their past and when shared with the victim, would build a lasting resolution solution.

Andrea Pacheco, Six Rivers Director since 2021, stresses the importance of spreading the word when you know someone experiencing a conflict of their own.

10 Benefits Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center Brings to the Gorge Community:

  1. A structured and neutral environment to have difficult but necessary conversations, resolving conflicts peacefully, without aggression or violence.  
  2. Better communication between conflicting parties—clearing up misunderstandings and fostering empathy and clarity.
  3. Find common ground for productive discussions to reach mutually agreeable solutions.
  4. Save resources—Mediation is affordable and can be more cost-effective in the long run.
  5. Find win-win solutions, preserve relationships, and prevent ongoing impact.
  6. Ensure confidentiality to express yourself openly.
  7. Be empowered to craft solutions for your unique circumstances, versus applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  
  8. Address moral issues that litigation may not be able to, finding grassroots, lasting solutions.
  9. Build a stronger, more harmonious community.
  10. Stay in control and be empowered to be part of the solution.

Constructively and peacefully resolve disputes with the support of conflict resolution resources like Six Rivers. Call today: 541-386-1283.