Six Rivers’ New Eviction Prevention Mediation Services

Six Rivers offers free Housing Mediation through funding provided by the Oregon legislature.  This program provides mediation and conciliation services to property managers, landlords and tenants throughout the counties of Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler.  Find out if these no-cost mediation and conflict resolution services for housing providers and renters might help you — email Michael Reid with Six Rivers at or call 541-386-1283 x6.  Services can be provided in all languages.  Some of the topics we help with include:

  • Late or missing rent
  • Pet concerns
  • Repairs and damages
  • Additional occupants
  • Rule violations
  • Neighbor or roommate complaints
  • Vacate dates,

And more!

Mediating landlord-tenant issues can help in a lot of ways.  Mediation provides:

  • Impartial Facilitation, where both landlords and tenants are supported and listened to respectfully, whether in a room together or individually. Mediators serve as neutral guides helping the parties craft their own durable solution to housing conflicts;
  • Confidentiality, where a safe space is created to empower parties to reach solutions that are comprehensive and lasting; and
  • Opportunities, where people are invited to participate, listen and share, and where arguments can be recast as opportunities to understand different points of view.

These services are open to people involved in rental housing disputes that arise at any time: before or after eviction filings.  By offering free, compassionate and respectful mediation, Six Rivers gets workable solutions to problems facing landlords and tenants.  If you are wondering whether you might benefit from these services, please call.  We want to help as soon as we can – so we say,


For more information about how we can help, please email Michael Reid at or call 541-386-1283 x6. Thank you!


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