Are you a property owner managing unpaid rent? A renter facing eviction? The Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP) helps landlords and tenants to talk and get help with rental assistance to solve problems — before an eviction court case is filed. The ERPP is required by law and free to the tenant and landlord.

Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) are working to meet the community’s needs and address housing stability and economic stability. The ERPP helps landlords and tenants resolve nonpayment of rent cases with solutions that work for both property owners and tenants, including dispute resolution, access to rental assistance, and legal aid.

About the Program

The Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP) allows landlords and tenants to meet with qualified and trained Early Resolution Specialists. The ERPP is free to the tenant and landlord.

  • Landlords must give tenants the option to participate in the ERPP before the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit in court.
  • Tenants may choose whether or not to participate in the ERPP.
  • If a tenant chooses to participate, the landlord must participate.
  • Many tenants also qualify for free legal assistance to help navigate the ERPP process.

About the Process

  • A neutral third party early resolution specialist (ERS) with a Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) facilitates the ERPP process.
  • The ERS will try to connect tenants to any available rental assistance.
  • If the tenant does not participate in the ERPP, or if the ERPP is unsuccessful, the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit.
  • All income qualified tenants will have a lawyer to defend them appointed by the court.

To use ERPP

Contact our Early Resolution Specialist:

Phone: (541) 386-1283 x 2 | Direct/text: (509) 606-6363



NOTICE TO LANDLORDS and TENANTS in Klickitat and Skamania Counties

The “Bridge Proclamation” extending some eviction moratorium protections expired at 11:59pm on October 31, 2021. Potential evictions for unpaid rent from March 1, 2020 until the present are now subject to the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP), as enacted in April, 2021 (SB 5160 Section 7, RCW 5918.630). The ERPP requires landlords to invite tenants to participate in their local county superior court’s Eviction Resolution Program before a landlord is allowed to file an unlawful detainer action (eviction proceeding) for non-payment of rent. The form, Eviction Resolution Program Notice and Resource Information, can be found on the Washington Attorney General Landlord page (also linked below).

Landlords must engage the ERPP process before an eviction for unpaid rent may proceed to court. ERPP begins when a landlord serves a tenant and sends Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center an ERPP Notice along with a 14 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate. Even if a landlord sent these notices during the eviction moratorium or Bridge period for rent due from March, 2020 through July, 2021, new notices will be required under the ERPP. For unpaid rent due between August and October, 2021 only, ERPP Notices and 14 Day Notices to Pay or Vacate sent during that time may be sufficient. Landlords and tenants are encouraged to consult legal counsel. 

The ERPP connects tenants who are behind on rent with a team to problem solve together with their landlord, most often in some combination of rental assistance counseling, legal aid, and mediation. The landlord and tenant may be able to access rental assistance, create a rent payment plan, or create a move-out plan, resolving rent owed issues without going to court.

ERPP is free and these facilitated conversations may be able to resolve unpaid rent issues prior to involving the court

The ERPP was developed by the state Superior Court Judges’ Association in partnership with the state Office of Civil Legal Aid, Dispute Resolution Centers, and other stakeholders, at the direction of the Washington State Supreme Court, and codified by the Washington State Legislature in 2021.


Rental assistance funding:

Washington Gorge Action Programs (WAGAP)
Phone: (509) 493-2662 | Toll Free: (800) 755-1192

Current ERPP forms via the Attorney General (in multiple languages):

Landlord-Tenant | Washington State

Legal aid:

Eviction Defense Screening Line

Phone: (855) 657-8387 (Leave name and phone number for a callback)


Court information:

Washington State Courts – News, Reports, Court Information


Housing Provider & Tenant Education:

Rental Housing Association of Washington (Contains information for both housing providers and tenants.)

Highlights rental agreements and their role in a manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant relationship, as well as the rights and duties of both the landlord and tenant. It further summarizes how either party may end a rental agreement under the Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord Tenant Act.