Mediation is a powerful technique that has the potential to become contagious.

In fact, research from Community Dispute Resolution Programs throughout the state have found that 85% of cases that come to mediation are resolved to the "mutual satisfaction of both parties."

We believe that speaks volumes toward the potential for this program and for the potential impact on our community. 

The goal of our program is to promote peaceful and effective conflict resolution. The program focuses on resolving such issues as interpersonal neighbor disputes, animal complaints, unregulated property maintenance concerns, general neighborhood conflicts, business to consumer concerns, landlord/tenant issues and general unresolved conflicts. As the program grows, additional programs and services will be thoughtfully considered. We encourage your input and ideas at all times. Together we can create a change, but we need your help! 

All mediators must complete Basic Mediation Training, consisting of 40 hours training followed by supervised mediation and standard qualifications. If you have already received training as a mediator, the training requirement may be waived. Please contact us to discuss your situation. 

Information about Basic Mediation Training can be found under the Professional Mediation Certification tab. Upon completion of the training you will be asked to commit to volunteer approximately 5 hours a month for 2 years.  Much of this time will be spent as part of our Mediator Professional Development Program; our internal certificate and development course.

The 40 hour Basic Mediation training is offered at various other locations throughout the state and by other Community Dispute Resolution Programs. If you are interested in continuing your career as a mediator, we will be happy to help you find the resources to make that a reality. Community Mediation programs are a great place to gain valuable experience and to reap the rewards of bringing your community closer together.

As a volunteer with Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center Services, your time, commitment and efforts are greatly appreciated and highly valued. Our hope is that your experience as part of our team of volunteers is both rewarding and educational. 
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of a growing commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflict.