Professional Mediation Certification

At Six Rivers, the professional mediator certification requires participants to complete Articulate Solutions, a 40-hour basic mediation training course.  The course is typically offered every spring through Six Rivers in beautiful Hood River, Oregon.  Articulate Solutions is designed to meet the standards for foundational mediation training set by both Oregon Statutes ORS Chapter 36 and Washington statures RCW 7.75.

The curriculum is organized around student learning objectives designed by Resolution Washington Education Standards Committee.  Upon completion of Articulate Solutions 40-hour basic mediation training, participants are eligible to enter into a practicum through Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center Services.

Practicum members attend continuing education seminars, practice sessions and workshops, and apprentice with a mediator mentor to attain mastery of the mediation process.  Members also work in cooperation with the Practicum Supervisor to complete a customized professional development plan.

Upon successful completion of both the Articulate Solutions 40-hour basic mediation training and practicum, members are eligible to apply for certification.

For additional information on mediator certification systems and regulatory entities, contact the following:
Resolution Washington
Washington Mediation Association

Mission Statement

By establishing a forum where each party is heard, we teach listening.

By creating an environment where each party can speak, we teach communication.

By developing processes that seek resolution, we teach the importance of dialogue.

By building these processes into a method of mediating disputes we teach citizenship.