Community Mediation

Six Rivers is proud to be a part of hundreds of Dispute Resolution centers throughout the nation working to provide effective and comprehensive conflict resolution services to community members and organizations. 

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center bridges the Columbia River Gorge, providing services in both Oregon and Washington State.  We are an active member of the network of Dispute Resolution Centers (DRC) in the Pacific Northwest and work together with other DRC’s to ensure Best Practices in mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation, and training in communities large and small.

Resolution Washington (ResWA) is made up of the Washington Association of Dispute Resolution Centers (DRC’s) and works to provide effective and efficient solutions for the conflicts that arise in families and communities throughout Washington State.  Resolution Washington members work closely with Superior Courts to provide the highest quality Parenting Plan and Dissolution of Marriage mediated agreements, as well as with the Department of Commerce to provide mediation services for the recently adopted “Foreclosure Fairness Act” which provides foreclosure mediations to community members.

The Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution (OOCDR) administers grants to support 20 centers serving 25 counties throughout Oregon.  Centers are characterized by a dual purpose of promoting civic engagement and resolving community disputes at the earliest point of engagement.  OOCDR works to support Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRC’s) through grantmaking, training, consultation, networking, and research.


Mission Statement

By establishing a forum where each party is heard, we teach listening.

By creating an environment where each party can speak, we teach communication.

By developing processes that seek resolution, we teach the importance of dialogue.

By building these processes into a method of mediating disputes we teach citizenship.